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Here we go guys! Stegga is hyped to be bringing you the first ever Stegga Time Trial Challenge!

Check out the video and let Stegga ambassador Cody Flom explain how you can get involved. There are three categories to enter and there will be prizes for each.

Good luck, have fun and stay safe!


Check out our Stegga | Quick Set-Up guide and get straight to shredding!

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In this Stegga Story, Ben Wilkinson introduces himself as the creator of the Stegga trampoline scooter and gives you a brief low-down on the Stegga's purpose and design.


The Stegga trampoline scooter is a great tool for learning new tricks and developing existing techniques!

Stegga designer, Ben Wilkinson, can be seen demonstrating this with a like-for-like seat belt grab, from Stegga to the Skate Park!


Stegga’s trampoline training scooter brings a new dimension to scootering by introducing a revolutionary deck and fork kit that allows for an unparalleled feel and response while in use on a trampoline. ‘True Weight. True Size. True Response.

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Stegga Web Line Splitter.png